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横浜英語教室:レッスン101 TOEIC Bridgeの文法問題 その②の答え

前回のTOEIC BRIDGEの問題の答えです!

1. I heard that there are a lot of (    ) accents in the US.

(A) Regional

2. The flowers in the garden (      ) five inches last week.

(B) grew

3. Mike’s parents, (    ) are both dentists, work at the same dentist’s office.

(B) Whose

4. If the working conditions meet Ken’s (    ), he will accept the job offer.

(D) Expectations

5. The items I have in the old box are very (    ).

(B) Valuable

6. I want either Ken (    ) Mike to win the tournament.

(C) Or

7. All the food is made by (     ) in the area.

(A) Volunteers

8. I have to buy all the (   ) ingredients for making dinner tonight.

(A) Required

9. John and Jack (   ) coming to the party next week.

(B) Are

10. Not only Mike, but also George (   ) to go to the seminar next Saturday.

(D) Has

11. Sally (    ) cleans her room, so her room is always messy.

(A) Rarely

12. The people in the class are all (   ) with the performance.

(B) Impressed

13. Julie’s parents are on the trip, so she needs to do everything (    ).

(C) Herself

14. Ben said he had (    ) finished his homework before school started again.

(A) Already

15. (    ) the students had nothing to do after school yesterday.

(B) Most of

16. I haven’t seen my mother for 20 years, but I still (    ) her face clearly.

(B) Remember

17. The man who was standing over there (    ) me to ask the teacher to hand in the papers.

(B) Told

18. I believe that my father is the only person I can count on (   ) assistance.

(C) For

19. We learned the importance of how much plants are (    ) on water and sunlight.

(A) Dependent

20. My mother needs (    ) flour nor butter for making cakes.

(A) Either

21. The Smith Dental Office is on First Street, (    ) the road from the bank.

(D) Across

22. The new vacuum cleaner is (   ) enough to carry around.

(D) Compact

23. Help yourself (   ) these drinks and snacks on the table.

(D) To

24. For more details, please (   ) our personnel manager.

(C) Contact

25. I don’t want you to lose anything, so please keep your valuables (   ) you the whole time.

(A) With

26. The (    ) of the students were opposed to the teacher’s idea.

(A) Majority

27. The deadline of the assignment has already passed, (    ) no submission can be accepted.

(B) So

28. My friend, Mary shouldn’t depend (   ) her parents so much.

(C) On

29. In Japan, the largest (    )of a day is dinner.

(D) Meal

30. The Carters have a beautiful (     ) of the ocean from their window.

(B) View





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