• Keita Kato

横浜英語塾:レッスン101 文法問題の答え

1. We postponed the farewell party until next Sunday (      ) it snowed quite heavily.

(A) Though

(B) So

(C) Nevertheless

(D) Because (←correct)

2. Peggy is a (    ) student than anyone else in the class.

(A) The brightest

(B) Bright

(C) Brighter (←correct)

(D) Brightest

3. The daily meeting seems to continue (     ) 3:15 PM.

(A) At

(B) by

(C) In

(D) Till

4. The Concord Language Center is going to employ a new (       ).

(A) Instructor (←correct)

(B) Instrument

(C) Instructive

(D) Instruct

5. The Yoga class is held (     ) from March 2nd to August 11th.

(A) Weekly (←correct)

(B) For a week

(C) Weekday

(D) Seldom

6. The light was so bright (    ) I couldn’t see what was in front of me.

(A) Because

(B) Since

(C) Although

(D) That (←correct)

7. I spent approximately 4 hours (     ) video games yesterday

(A) Playing (←correct)

(B) Played

(C) Are played

(D) Is played

8. Could you (    ) me if you change your cell phone number.

(A) Notice

(B) Notify (←correct)

(C) Notifies

(D) Notification