• Keita Kato

横浜英語教室:レッスン101 文法問題3

どれだけできるか挑戦してみてくださいね! 25点取れたら合格です!



1. The friend of mine tried very hard to get a (    ).

(A) promote

(B) promotion

(C) promoting

(D) to promote

2. Ms. Clamor has been living in Australia (    ) ten years.

(A) since

(B) for

(C) till

(D) from

3. Ben and John were so (    ) to go to Okinawa that they couldn’t sleep well last night..

(A) exciting

(B) excitement

(C) excite

(D) excited

4. Betty couldn’t see what is written on the blackboard because she forgot her (   ).

(A) jeans

(B) a tie

(C) glasses

(D) eyes

5. Ken is 14 years old, but he doesn’t know how to behave (    ).

(A) him

(B) his

(C) himself

(D) he

6. I won’t go there (     ) there is something interesting going on.

(A) even

(B) unless

(C) while

(D) once

7. Even though I read the book before, I can’t remember the (    ) part of the story.

(A) later

(B) late

(C) latter

(D) latest

8. I am afraid all the rooms in this hotel are (     ) booked.

(A) highly

(B) slowly

(C) lately

(D) fully

9. Almost all the oranges in the bag (    ) spoiled badly.

(A) are

(B) is

(C) being

(D) is being

10. Peggy and Tom (    ) that they would get married in three monthes.

(A) announce

(B) announced

(C) announces

(D) announcing

11. The house (    ) we visited last week was Mike’s.

(A) who

(B) which

(C) where

(D) when

12. This is the house (     ) I lived in ten years ago.

(A) where

(B) which

(C) who

(D) whose

13. This is the place (    ) is located on the corner of Western Avenue and 6th Street.

(A) which

(B) where

(C) who

(D) whom

14. The park (    ) we played soccer at is near my house.

(A) where

(B) when

(C) which

(D) who

15. Stephen and Mary (   ) looking forward to going fishing this Sunday.

(A) is

(B) are

(C) being

(D) will

16. I don’t think the map you have is going to be (    ) in the forest.

(A) helped

(B) help

(C) helpful

(D) has helped