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横浜英語教室:レッスン101 文法問題3

どれだけできるか挑戦してみてくださいね! 25点取れたら合格です!



1. The friend of mine tried very hard to get a (    ).

(A) promote

(B) promotion

(C) promoting

(D) to promote

2. Ms. Clamor has been living in Australia (    ) ten years.

(A) since

(B) for

(C) till

(D) from

3. Ben and John were so (    ) to go to Okinawa that they couldn’t sleep well last night..

(A) exciting

(B) excitement

(C) excite

(D) excited

4. Betty couldn’t see what is written on the blackboard because she forgot her (   ).

(A) jeans

(B) a tie

(C) glasses

(D) eyes

5. Ken is 14 years old, but he doesn’t know how to behave (    ).

(A) him

(B) his

(C) himself

(D) he

6. I won’t go there (     ) there is something interesting going on.

(A) even

(B) unless

(C) while

(D) once

7. Even though I read the book before, I can’t remember the (    ) part of the story.

(A) later

(B) late

(C) latter

(D) latest

8. I am afraid all the rooms in this hotel are (     ) booked.

(A) highly

(B) slowly

(C) lately

(D) fully

9. Almost all the oranges in the bag (    ) spoiled badly.

(A) are

(B) is

(C) being

(D) is being

10. Peggy and Tom (    ) that they would get married in three monthes.

(A) announce

(B) announced

(C) announces

(D) announcing

11. The house (    ) we visited last week was Mike’s.

(A) who

(B) which

(C) where

(D) when

12. This is the house (     ) I lived in ten years ago.

(A) where

(B) which

(C) who

(D) whose

13. This is the place (    ) is located on the corner of Western Avenue and 6th Street.

(A) which

(B) where

(C) who

(D) whom

14. The park (    ) we played soccer at is near my house.

(A) where

(B) when

(C) which

(D) who

15. Stephen and Mary (   ) looking forward to going fishing this Sunday.

(A) is

(B) are

(C) being

(D) will

16. I don’t think the map you have is going to be (    ) in the forest.

(A) helped

(B) help

(C) helpful

(D) has helped

17. Ken asked how long it (    ) take to get to the destination from the school.

(A) will

(B) can

(C) would

(D) shall

18. Liz speaks Germany (    ) than anyone else in the class.

(A) more fluently

(B) the most fluently

(C) fluent

(D) fluency

19. The friend of Bobby told us to see the photos of the trip to India, but we haven’t seen them (    ).

(A) yet

(B) already

(C) never

(D) still

20. We are leaving Japan (    ) London in twenty minutes.

(A) for

(B) in

(C) at

(D) on

21. We went to the hotel near the beach and we had a (    ) time together,

(A) pleasant

(B) responsible

(C) reliable

(D) probable

22. When I asked Tom to go to the party the other day, he told me he (    ) too tired to have fun.

(A) is

(B) will be

(C) was

(D) being

23. The patient got hurt so badly that she had to be treated (   ).

(A) evenly

(B) patiently

(C) hardly

(D) similarly

24. Tim became ill last week, so his sister (     ) the same illness.

(A) caught

(B) gave

(C) offered

(D) provided

25. You should have received the present when the man (    ) you one.

(A) give

(B) gave

(C) had given

(D) given

26. I couldn’t find my cat (    ) the earthquake.

(A) while

(B) between

(C) during

(D) when

27. I asked Cathy to speak (    ) so that everyone could hear her.

(A) quietly

(B) less loud

(C) more loudly

(D) the loudest

28. As soon as everyone (   ) down, the play started.

(A) sit

(B) sat

(C) have sat

(D) had sat

29. I don’t think next Sunday will be (    ) for me because I have another appointment.

(A) familiar

(B) expensive

(C) convenient

(D) likely

30. (    ) you are with me, you wouldn’t get lost on the way to the hospital.

(A) As long as

(B) As soon as

(C) As far as

(D) As close as



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