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Lesson101 【My experience】Participation of technical trials


When I was still a student in Los Angeles, I didn't have any ways to make money except taking part in technical trials as a volunteer. The very first one was the medicine for irregular heart beat. I was informed that the medication was relatively safe since it had already been released in the US. They just needed some Japanese volunteers to try out, so I tried.What scared me was signing the commitment form saying that they couldn't guarantee that nothing hazardous would happen. According to the nurses, some tablets were fakes. I don't know if mine was the actual ones, but nothing happened to me. What I didn't like about the study was the syringe that was fixed into my vein, so they could draw my blood frequently, like every 30 minutes for the first 3 hours or so. Other than that, I enjoyed being there. I could have free meals, free computer use, free laundry, and even Japanese food. I could make some friends who were participating in other studies. There was one common room where everyone could play board games, video games or watch movies. I would go to participate in those studies when my vacations started. One of the guy whom I still remember was Tenshi. The translation of the name in English is Angel. He was a student from Japan, living in the church. He wasn't religious at all. He was like a lump of curiosity. He would bother nurses with tons of questions, but he was genuinely pure hearted. I was engaged in many other studies, like for sleeping pills, pills for blood circulation etc... I don't even remember all. I could earn more than $10,000 for sure in total. It really helped me financing my stay in the US.



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