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Lesson101 【My experience】I lent my money to my customer.


When I was still working at the hotel in Los Angeles, there was a family consisted with a father from Iran, mother from El Salvador and a son. I served them when they first came. They said they were going to stay there for a week, but ended up staying there for more than three months. I soon made friends with the son who was 13 years old at the time. According to him, they make a living by performing magic shows, however, I never saw any tools carried in and out to the hotel as they travel by car. Whatever he said was always suspicious. One day, he said his father wanted to save the gas in his car, so on the slope when the car was going down, his father cut off the engine and he continued driving with the speed the car picked up. I just couldn't imagine if it's possible. One night, I was working at the reception as usual, the mother of the boy came to me, and asked for money. She told me that her husband and son had food poisoning, and she needed to buy some medicine. I asked her how much she needed. She told me that she needed $50, and would return it the next day. I couldn't figure out why she didn't have $50 at the time and was able to return the money the next day, but I wanted to help them anyway, so I decided to lend her the money. The next day, the son and the father seemed quite normal, and I was relieved. And a couple of days later, The mother asked me for money again, and I could see her eyes telling lies to me for borrowing money for a wrong reason somehow, so I refused. Then a few days later I stopped seeing her though I would see the father and the son every day. I was wondering what happened to the mother, so I inquired about where she was to her son. The boy told me that she returned home back in EL Salvador doe a while. Then a few weeks later, there was a letter from the mother, and the address was from Orange County which is in California, so I was very confused. As soon as I saw the address, I looked into the map of the address, and it turned out that the location was the jail. I soon understood that she needed the money for drugs. Eventually the family was kicked out as they couldn't pay the rent in time. I wonder how they are are doing now...



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