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Lesson101 【My experience】Deadly car problems and accidents happened to me!②


So, when I reached Oregon, my friend and I were driving the freeway. I was driving at the time while we were taking turns. As I was close to the curve, my car started to sway to the sides, and I was about to hit the other cars not being able to control the steering wheel. I felt as though I had been playing a car video game when that was happening, so I couldn't really feel the danger as I could always restart my game with a button on a console controller. Fortunately, and strangely enough, there was a little space with soil on the freeway on the side, and I could stop with the help of the soil. I thought I was going to die, but in a surreal way. When I got out of the car, one of the tires in the front was flat. I was too scared to continue driving, so my friend started driving really slowly with a click-clack of the tire. We could see the exit soon, and as soon as we got out of the freeway, there was a tire shop, so we got a new tire. However, we couldn't see any improvement in manipulating the car. The problem was not the tire. We didn't know what to do, but to look for a mechanic that could repair my car. We were driving really slow. Even slower than a grandma driving on a street. We finally found a auto repair shop on a street close from the freeway. The mechanics were very kind to us, worried about what happened. One of the mechanics got in the car, and started driving for a test drive. He floored it and the car sped at full speed. I though he would die in the uncontrollable car, and so did my friend. Then he successfully came back saying, "I thought I would die!" The mechanic checked my car thoroughly, and finally got to the bottom, which was the bar that was holding the two front tires. It was cracked. He told me that it was not worth repairing because the cost would be as expensive as a purchase of a used car. The mechanic told me to leave the car and send him a pink sleeve to scrap the car officially. He offered me to use the telephone to look for a car rental shop so as to go back home. As it was on a weekend, it was hard to find a car to head for Los Angeles. But there was only one shop that I could rent one and return it at the airport(LAX). The shop was around the airport in Oregon, and it was far from the auto repair shop. To my surprise, one of the mechanics offered me and my friend a ride there for free. I'd never met anyone so nice like people in Oregon in my life. Even a girl walking a dog on a street waved at me. Afterwards, we reached the airport and rent the car and went back home safe and sound.



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