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Lesson101 【My experience】Deadly car problems and accidents happened to me!


This is about my living in Los Angeles back in 2003. I actually had a car accident right after I purchased a car insurance. I went to the office in Korea Town to sign the contract and I was on my way home in my car. It was the intersection where I was supposed to stop. I kept on going to cross the street and I realized that the two cars were coming towards me. One car bumped into the front part of my car breaking my radiator and the other car hit the other car from the back. It was my very first car accident, and I was pretty much flustered by what happened and at the same time, I was at a loss. I brought my car to the mechanic, but the guy said it was going to be $3000 or more, which was more expensive than the money I paid for, so I was so sad with the fact that I couldn't do anything, but to buy another one. Then as I was driving my car later on, a couple of Mexican people talked to me from the their car, telling me that they could fix it with a low cost, so I let them do the job and I only paid $500. But still the bumper was sagging and hitting the tire, so I put the folded cardboard boxes to support the bumper. And the hood of my car was fixed with the wire. When I was driving the car on the freeway 101, the hood opened. Since the car was white, I thought something happened to my vision. Fortunately, there were no cars behind, which was unusual for the rush time around 5pm, but I got out of the car and closed the hood and got out of the freeway. Also I was stupid enough to decide on going to Oregon in that car, and sometimes when the bumper started sagging I would stop and fix it and go. I don't know how many times I needed to fix it while I was driving. Then while I was driving the freeway in Oregon at the curve, something happened to my car!!

To be continued.... as I have to work now...



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