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コロナウイルス【会話フレーズ】 横浜英会話教室:レッスン101



-It's like every time I turn on TV, they only talk about the coronavirus.

2. コロナのことでもううんざり。

-I am fed up with the coronavirus.

3. 外に出るなって言われている割には人結構歩いてるよね。

-As we are told not to go outside, there are relatively many people walking.

4. 家にばっかいて何していいかわかんないよ。

-As I am staying home all the time, I don't know what to do.


-I heard that there was a person infected with the coronavius at that store on the corner.

6. 最近時間あるから料理にはまってるんだよね。

-I have been into cooking recently as I have lots of time.

7. 今頃検討しますって、政府の対応遅すぎだよね。

-They say they would consider it, but the government's response is too slow.

8. 本当に5月6日に状況は良くなるのかね。

-I wonder if the situation would be any better by May 6th.

9. 仕事がないって、みんな大騒ぎだけどさ、健康が一番大事だと思うよ。

-Everyone is making a fuss about not having work, but the health comes first, I think.

10. みんな不安なのは一緒だから、前向きにいなきゃ、やってけないよ。

-It's the same for everyone being concerned, so we can't go anywhere without being positive.


-They say the peak has passed, but it's too early to release the state's lockdown in New York.

12. コロナに効く薬はあるけど、まだ治験をしなくちゃいけないみたいだよ。

-There is the medicine that works for the coronavirus, but they still have to carry out the technical trials.

13. 日本では国民全員給付金10万円もらえるんだって。

-I heard that all the Japanese citizens can get subsidy of 100,000 yen.

14. やっぱ人間趣味がないとダメだって気づいたよ。

-You know, I realized that we,the humans all need to have hobbies.

15. マスクどこにも売ってないけど、みんなどこで買って付けてるんだろうね。

-I wonder where in the world everyone gets masks and put them on while they are not sold anywhere.








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