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【Novel】 Journey to the Unknown


It was in the early May when I finally realized that I had always had the impulse of doing something even though I didn't know what it was. It was a weird feeling that the part of me knew what it was, but nothing ringed the bell when I listed the things I could think of at the time. When I saw the outside from the window at home, there was the yellowish sky on a humid, spring evening in the village. It is entirely conceivable that a tornado is in the making. Maybe it was the time for me to leave the place? I didn't know. I was a widow who lost my wife five years ago in the tornado that hit at night. It took me 2 weeks to get recovered from the depression I was suffering from. I couldn't eat anything except the chicken leftover that my wife cooked before the mother nature landed on this peaceful village. Unfortunately, my house was totally destroyed, but the refrigerator was intact miraculously. That's how I could access the chicken which led to my survival. I don't have the slightest memory of what happened that evening. When I got outside, there was a whirling hole in the clouds that seemed to suck everything into it. It was too windy to stand still. Then I had a flashback of my wife. She was in the air just like she was in the washing machine. Her body was flown and got vacuumed into the whirling hole. It was hard for me to see her in the clear vision. When suddenly, found myself standing against the stiff wind, I felt that I needed to go as far as possible quickly. I got into my red shiny car, and pushed the key into the keyhole, and turned the engine over. If it were a movie, it couldn't have started right away and make the viewer feel thrilled, but the engine started immediately as my car was brand new. I started my car and went to the usual root. There were a few people rushing into the car to reach the freeway just like me in the area. I saw one homeless person whom I sometimes see when I went to work. I thought of giving him a ride, but I didn't have the time for me to hesitate. I needed to get out of the area. I didn't know why. I though it was because of the tornado approaching, but it wasn't. There was something else I wanted to do. My heart was stubborn enough not to be forthcoming with what desire I had deep down inside. While I was driving, I could get a glimpse of how people turn themselves into animals. It was natural that they think about themselves first over others. The woman bumped into another woman on the road, and didn't say even sorry but cared about her backpack she dropped on the ground, and scurried away as if she didn't want to be sworn with f-words. I could even see a man who didn't care if he could be dead by the tornado which I wasn't running away from. When I had to stop at the confused traffic, there was a woman in her late 30s, who whacked on the window with her eyes wide open saying help me but without words. I felt like I was going to offer her a ride, but her message of her eyes was too overwhelming for me, so I left her there even though I pitied her. I guess I was an animal as well.

To be continued...



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