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Lesson101 【My experience】My lending money to a stranger #.2


Previously, I talked about lending or rather giving $100 to the man who had headaches at the drugstore. Then something incredible happened. I was heading for the parking lot after the classes. Suddenly the wind blew and a $20 bill came on it. I thought I was very lucky and I kept it. In two or three days, I was walking down Normandie Avenue, and I found a $20 bill. Also a few days later, I discovered $20 bill on the ground at a different parking lot after school. I started to feel weird because I 'd never found so much money outside in such a short period of time, but it wasn't over yet! I went to the Amoeba Music, the CD shop with my friend one afternoon. As soon as I got out from my car at the parking area, I found two $20 bills near my car. Since I got two bills, I gave one of them to my friend, so I got all the money I gave to the man back in my possession. The man said he was going to return the money, so it could be his way of returning the money, or it was just a coincidence. Who knows?



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