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横浜の英語教室【レッスン101】:知らない人にお金を貸しました。 英語を始めたきっかけ #.9 (My lending money to a stranger)



It was back in my college day, I was on my way home from school. I had an impulse to go to the Save-on drugstore without any reason. As soon as I got there, a man approached me saying, "I was waiting for you." He told me that he prayed to god and Jesus led him to the drugstore to get help from someone, who was me. He asked me to lend him $20 in order to buy medicine for his headaches. I said okay because I felt pity and he said he could return it the next day. When we got in the store, he asked me whether he could buy some other stuff like cigarettes and water, and I said it was okay. Then he asked me if I wanted to meet his sister, and I said I could though I didn't know what it meant at the time. When we bought all the items he asked me to send him home, and I did. He started calling his sister and told her that I wanted to meet her. I thought meeting her was just saying hello for me in my interpretation. When we arrived his house, we got in, and there were two huge women sitting on the couch. I was just overwhelmed at the site in the gloomy room. One of the two was the sister, and she said she liked me. When she said that I finally knew what the guy meant "Do you wanna meet my sister?"Then the mother asked me to take them shopping every week and send them to church, and I said okay even though it wasn't okay at all. I really wanted to leave the place, so I asked the guy to just let me go. He told me he wanted to wash my car for return. He insisted so much that I accepted it. Then we headed for the car washing station. As soon as we got there, he started calling his grandma's house. He informed me that his grandma was on the floor suffering from her heart disease or something. So we decided to go to her house picking up his cousin on the way. When we got to the pharmacy, the guy asked me for $60, so I lent him the money though I didn't want to. It seemed like the cousin was watching me outside if i was running away from them. Then I pretended to receive a call from a friend in the car. I told them that I had to go right away to help my friend, but they asked me how they could go home without any money for transportation. Then I gave them extra $20 for taking a bus to go home. They told me that they could return all the money the next day, but I really didn't wanted to get involved with them, so I threw away the contact number. I lost about $100 for them in total, but then something miraculous happened later. I will tell you the story sometime soon!



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