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【Learning Japanese】 Japanese language can be easy if you know this!


People in general say that Japanese language is very difficult, but it might not be so. As English speaker should know that there are 5 kinds of sentences you can make.

Today, I will introduce you one of the sentences that you might use the most, which is S+V+O.

S= subject

V= verb

O= object

In Japanese, when it comes to a casual conversation, the order doesn't matter. It can be V+O+S or O+S+V or any other possible orders.


I= watashi wa

You= anata wa

He= kare wa

She= kanojyo wa

We= watashitachi wa

They= karera wa

It= sore wa

Objects (add ni/wo to a noun)

Park= kouen ni/wo

apple= ringo ni/wo

watch= udedokei ni/wo

present= purezento ni/wo


eat= taberu

give= ageru

buy= kau

get= morau

Now let's combine them together to make up sentences!

1. watashi wa ringo wo taberu. (usually add wo to a direct object) ★I eat an apple.

Ringo wo watashi wa taberu.

taberu ringo wo watashi wa.

2. watashitachi wa udedokei wo kau. ★I buy a watch.

Udedokei wo watashitachi wa kau.

Kau udedokei wo watashitachi wa.

3. Kare wa purezento wo morau. ★He gets a present.

Purezento wo morau kare wa.

Morau kare wa purezento wo.

There are other possibilities of combinations, but it wouldn't make much difference even with a different orders.

Let me recap on the points in details.

1. Add subjects wa

2. Add direct obects(the noun right after the verb) wo

3. combine S,V and O together without worrying about the orders.

So, that's it! You can speak Japanese casually if you know this! Just try to remember the words I mentioned above first!

If you are interested in a free trial lesson, but concern about the location of the school, don't worry! We have a skype lesson! Please contact us if you're serious about learning Japanese. Or even something else like Spanish, Russian or drawing.

Please send a message to the address below if interested.



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