• Keita Kato

【Learning Japanese】 Japanese language can be easy if you know this!

最終更新: 2020年1月9日

People in general say that Japanese language is very difficult, but it might not be so. As English speaker should know that there are 5 kinds of sentences you can make.

Today, I will introduce you one of the sentences that you might use the most, which is S+V+O.

S= subject

V= verb

O= object

In Japanese, when it comes to a casual conversation, the order doesn't matter. It can be V+O+S or O+S+V or any other possible orders.


I= watashi wa

You= anata wa

He= kare wa

She= kanojyo wa

We= watashitachi wa

They= karera wa

It= sore wa

Objects (add ni/wo to a noun)

Park= kouen ni/wo

apple= ringo ni/wo

watch= udedokei ni/wo

present= purezento ni/wo


eat= taberu

give= ageru

buy= kau

get= morau

Now let's combine them together to make up sentences!

1. watashi wa ringo wo taberu. (usually add wo to a direct object) ★I eat an apple.

Ringo wo watashi wa taberu.

taberu ringo wo watashi wa.

2. watashitachi wa udedokei wo kau. ★I buy a watch.

Udedokei wo watashitachi wa kau.

Kau udedokei wo watashitachi wa.

3. Kare wa purezento wo morau. ★He gets a present.

Purezento wo morau kare wa.

Morau kare wa purezento wo.

There are other possibilities of combinations, but it wouldn't make much difference even with a different orders.

Let me recap on the points in details.

1. Add subjects wa

2. Add direct obects(the noun right after the verb) wo

3. combine S,V and O together without worrying about the orders.

So, that's it! You can speak Japanese casually if you know this! Just try to remember the words I mentioned above first!

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