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【Leaning Japanese】 Greetings and manners

In Japan, there are many people who don't greet properly because they are a little shy, but that doesn't mean that you can be the same. You should impress them with the proper manner! If you are able to greet decently, you can give the great impression that reflects your personality as well.

1. Ohayou gozaimasu! ... Good Morning!

2. Konnichiwa ... Good Afternoon!

3. Konbanwa ... Good Evening!

4. Ogenki desuka? ... How are you?

5. Arigatou gozaimasu ... Thank you very much.

6. Sumimasen ... Excuse me.

7. Moushiwake naidesu ... I am sorry.

*red parts should be accented, but don't draw out them when pronouncing.

★Practice makes perfect! Repeat them til you can say fluently!

If you are interested in a free trial lesson, but concern about the location of the school, don't worry!

We have a skype lesson!

Please contact us if you're serious about learning Japanese. Or even something else like Spanish, Russian or drawing.

Please send a message to the address below if interested.



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