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SAKURA101 is different from other websites that choose an illustrator by competitions. The illustrator that have built up his career internationally will work on the illustrations.


we will decide the service fees according to your price range.

Realistic people, landscapes with a digital tool

realistic man drawing.jpg

Digital Paint

​We will create realistic people, landscapes, and objects using a digital tool.

▶ Realistic characters

▶ Realistic landscapes

▶ Illustarations with light and shadow

▶ Realistic monsters

▶ Realistic weapons

▶ Realistic animals

​▶ Realistic portrait

and so forth!

Realistic color pencil drawing

ship in the sky JPEG.jpg

Pencil drawings that touch people's feelings

Color pencil drawing can express very delicate emotions that can't be accomplished with digital tools. As we have digital works prevalent nowadays, pencil drawings can provide moving and warm sensations to those who see them.

color pencil illustrations.jpg

Anime Characters


​We will create illustrations according to your needs!

▶ Create characters

▶ Create backgrounds

▶ Create monsters

▶ Create weapons

▶ Create animals


and so on!

Photo Retouching


​We will make your photographs even more beautiful!

▶ Get rid of wrinkles

▶ Get rid of any blemishes

▶ Make the skin nice looking

▶ Change the eye color

▶ Make the eyes bigger


The process till you receive your illustrations

​# ①


Confirm the offer, and decide the service fee.

​# ②

Create illustration

According to the offer, create the piece.

​# ③


Check and find all the mistakes.

​# ④


After confirmation, deliver the illustration.

Send inquiry first,  

and we will decide on the fee!

If you think other companies are charging too much, then please don't hesitate to contact us! We will give you the best deal.

cat 1.jpg
Please fill out

1. illustration retouching 3.portrait

1. one month 2.two months 

3.three months 4.not decided

Thank your for your interest

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